What is included in the price?

The price quoted includes the number of attendants estimated for the job, insurance coverage, and signage to the valet area. Valet arrival 30-45 minutes before the scheduled start time. Support equipment like key boards, 3-part tickets, and umbrellas are also included. Click on Services/Pricing for more details or Contact Us to request a price quote.


Why should I consider valet parking for my event?

A valet service offers many benefits. Valet parking tells your guests that their comfort and well-being are important to you.

Safety: Your guests are able to pull right up to the entrance without crossing busy streets or walking through traffic or parking areas.

Convienence: We believe the South Texas wind and high heels provide us great job security. Some guests only come to an event if valet is available.

Security: When possible we park all the vehicles in the same area. With valets coming and going, it reduces the chance of vandalism.

Maximize space: Many businesses and private residences have limited parking space. When appropriate we provide a director to maximize parking space and minimize the possibility of damage.


Is Harbor Parking insured?

Yes. We carry and maintain comprehensive general liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 general aggregate and a $1,000,000 garage liability policy. We can have your business or organization listed as additional insured for an annual $50 fee.


How early (or late) can I book my job?

Some customers secure our services more than a year in advance. Others call and say, “My guests are starting to arrive. I need valet! Can you come over?” While there are no guarantees, we strive to meet every need and very seldom turn down a job.


Where are your service areas?

We have served Corpus Christi and the surrounding area for over 50 years. Since 2009, we have parked cars all over South Texas from San Antonio to Houston to McAllen.


Are you available during bad weather or holidays?

Yes. That’s when we really feel needed. It goes with the territory that we will work on holidays and during bad weather. We worked jobs on Christmas Eve 2004 during the Corpus Christi Miracle Snowfall.


Do you provide long-term valet service to restaurants/businesses?

Yes. Harbor Parking allows an established business to offer valet parking as often or infrequently as desired, which keeps expenses low (insurance costs, capital costs, in-house employees).


What does the actual valet procedure look like?

Vehicles are approached by an attendant as soon as your guests arrive. The vehicle doors are opened, your guests are greeted in a friendly manner, and a valet ticket is issued. Assistance is offered as needed (wheelchairs, walkers, gifts, etc). All vehicles are carefully parked, the doors are locked, and the keys brought back to a secure area where they are hung on the key board along with the ticket stub. When your guests are ready to leave, they hand their valet ticket to an attendant who retrieves their car and provides the same friendly service offered upon arrival.


What kind of uniform do the valets wear?

Our standard valet uniform consists of khaki bottoms with a company polo. However, the uniform can be customized to fit your event…Black pants with a white button down is often used for formal events. Ties, vests and other accessories can be added as desired.


What other services are provided by Harbor Parking?

While we specialize in valet parking we also offer shuttle services and lot management. If interested in obtaining these services for a single event or longterm send us an email from the Contact Us form. For a complete list of services offered visit our Services/Pricing page.


Why should I choose Harbor Parking for my parking needs?

We are the only valet parking company in Corpus Christi that provides service to business and residential customers alike. We are fully insured and President, David Freymiller, is personally involved in the day to day operations. Founded in 1952, we have over 50 years experience and have a long history of satisfied customers.


The most popular question of all…”How do you keep track of all those cars?”

The vehicles are parked in numerical order by the assigned valet ticket. If it happens that the numerical order cannot be maintained, a vehicle/location description written on the valet stub can lead us to the vehicle. Of course, the PANIC button helps, too 😉


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