As a parking attendant, what are some things I should always carry with me?

These are a few items that will help you excel at your job, provide excellent customer service, and may earn you an extra tip:

  • Pen (For writing descriptions on tickets)
  • Sunglasses (A badly timed glare from the sun can ruin a valet parkers day in a heartbeat)
  • Bottled Water (It gets hot during the summer in Corpus Christi…FYI)
  • Flashlight (It also gets dark in Corpus Christi and surrounding areas at night…FYI)
  • Mosquito Spray (Everything is bigger in Texas…just saying)
  • Cigarette Lighter (Harbor Parking does not promote smoking, however a cigarette lighter in a time of need has been known to result in an extra couple bucks)
  • Jumper Cables (Whether the dead battery is a result of the valet or a self parker, a set of jumper cables always comes in handy)
  • Folding Chair (Comes in handy ¬†for jobs with long breaks)
  • Taxi Phone Numbers (Corpus Christi: Green-N-Go 361-299-9999) (The parking attendant often gets asked for this type of information. It is also good to know for impaired guests)
  • Manager Phone Numbers (Listed on Employee Directory)
  • Security Phone Numbers (La Palmera 361.991.4709; ¬†WaterStreeet 361-549-7578) (If you see something out of the ordinary, feel uncomfortable, or see customers being harassed, CALL SECURITY)