What are some good Customer Service tips?

Although parking cars efficiently does require some strategy, it is not rocket science. The customer will rarely be wowed by your skill as a driver (they drive/park their own car every day). Instead, their impression of the valet will be remembered by the level of Service you provide. Our high level of Customer Service is what sets apart from the competition and encourages repeat customers.

  • Treat everybody like they just gave you a $100 tip (sometimes it happens)
  • Open the doors for all guests (ladies first)
  • If the guest has a stroller, wheelchair, gifts, food, etc offer to help unload/load it
  • Run Fast, Drive Slow
  • Willingly give change if it is asked for
  • Don’t smear your fingerprints all over the window when placing the ticket
  • Make polite conversation with the guests as they are waiting for their vehicle
  • If a customer waits an abnormally long time for their vehicle due to a mistake on our part (lost ticket, lost keys, lost car, dead battery, etc, etc) apologize for the wait, offer them a refund (if a paid parking job), and initially turn down the tip. Most customers will insist on tipping anyway, but this small act allows the customer to see that although we are trying to make money, Customer Service is more important.